Lizzard I found

LIzzard i found

This is a lizzard i found i don’t know what kind it is but it was about 60-70cm long


2 min Film (outside news)

Hi everyone back home.

This is Ronda Bow blogging to you from Cairo. I am having a fantastic time here finding out how people in the 20th and 21st century communicated. It is so foreign and different compared to how the outer-net works in this century. Also, a special hello to my sister and colleague Saffron Smith, Happy New Year and welcome to 3999. I look forward to coming home soon to join you in the celebrations. Until then, this is Ronda Bow signing off.

Music by: Kevin Macleod, Name of music:News_Orch_2.


Macleod, K. n.d.,News_Orch_2.

rgbstock n.d., Blue cord, viewed 30 September 2012.

Week 8 Annotations


Bassler, B. & Taga, M. 2003, ‘Chemical communication among bacteria’, PNAS, vol.100, no.2, pp.14549–14554, viewed 14 August 2012.


Annotation (About bacteria)

This Journal information comes from Michiko E. Taga and Bonnie L. Bassler. Their Affiliations is with the Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton University and The National Academy of Sciences. The article consists of information about how bacteria communicate between each other through cell- cell information. I will use this information to support my claim that humans are not the only species that communicates.

Jamieson, J. 2001, ‘Alexander Graham Bell: Eugenicist’, Mankind Quarterly, vol.42, no.1,pp. 65-76, ProQuest Central, viewed 7 September 2012.


Annotation About Alexander Graham Bell

Source type: Scholarly Journals, about Alexander Graham Bell. I will use this information to support my claim that speaking face to face is not the only way to people communicate.   

Schulz, T. & Whitehead, H, & Gero, S. & Rendell, L. 2008, ‘Overlapping and matching of codas in vocal interactions between sperm whales: insights into communication function’, Animal Behaviour, vol. 76, no. 6, pp. 1977-1988, Elsevier, viewed 1 September 2012.


Annotation (About Whales)

This Journal Article gives information as to how animals such as whales and dolphins communicate with each other. I will use this information to support my claim that humans are not the only species that communicates.

McCune, J. 1999, ‘Technology dependence’, Management Review, vol. 88, no.1, pp.10-12, ProQuest Central, viewed 1 September 2012.


Annotation (About Dependence on communication)

This journal article shows information about how much people are dependent on communication technology.  I will use this information to support my claim that people are too dependent on communication technology

Week Six issues raised in the reading.

This week’s reading was called FCJ-004 The Military-Entertainment Complex: A New Facet of Information Warfare by Stephen Stockwell and Adam Muir. Among other information, this reading gives a brief history of the types of entertainment available to soldiers during war times. The essay explains how the army has been aware of simulation for a long time. Also how they have been using simulation games to train soldiers in leadership. Stockwell and Muir (n.d.) explain that “gaining experience and rewards from playing the games creates an environment which frustrates the kind of player-killer approach most games have”. Although sometimes the soldiers misuse the technology. For example, (in the game) one of the teams will stand still to let the opposing team shoot them, to make extra points. Then, the next time around the teams switch. This is an issue because the army doe’s not condone that kind of rule breaking.

Some other issues that can be considered, after reading this easy, are that these simulations are designed to teach soldiers many methods to kill other people in a very precise way. The question is, when these games are released to the general public, aren’t they being taught the exact same methods? Of course they are!!! If these simulations (and games such as Doom or Quake) are specifically made to teach soldiers to kill, the general public will see and learn the exact same things. If the wrong person, in the wrong frame of mind, plays these games and learns the techniques maybe that person will put what they are taught into practice.


Stockwell, S. & Muir, A. n.d., FCJ-004 The Military-Entertainment Complex: A New Facet of Information Warfare, viewed 24 August 2012.



This essay gives information about the different types of entertainment for soldiers in the army and at war over the years. Also, it gives information about simulated video game witch teach soldiers skills on how to kill the opposition and to think like a commander.


Week Six Tute Activity

This map shows the NBN work process in Devereux Creek Road QLD.

Sign an e-petition

This URL goes to a link to sign an e-petition to close down abortion clinics

“Closing these clinics can help this world have a better impact. People have no right to not give children a chance to live.”

This URL will send you directly to the petition

Respond to a professional blogger at a major news site.

This is the direct link to the blog I commented on.

The blog was by Meg Mason, who is a journalist and the author of Say It Again in a Nice Voice (HarperCollinsPublishers). The post is about the five worst things to say to a new mother. My comment is under “Dragonchazzer”. I said: I don’t have kids, but I reckon that those questions would annoy me if I did.
What is Barak Obama up to today? Can you send him a message about the importance of freedom on the internet?

Facebook Page, Twitter, and (but need to register). PASS

What are the Australian Government’s plans to censor the internet (the so-called “Clean Feed”)?

The Australian Government’s plan is to create a censor (a mandatory ISP-level blocking) which affects the whole Australian internet feed. The Government suggests that the censor will filter out inappropriate content such as child pornography. It is expected that this censer will apply to all internet uses in Australia, and every computer.

Over the years the censorship concept has been changed, and different versions have been presented. On the 15th of December 2009, the Labor Government announced the third version of their mandatory ISP-level blocking policy. It suggested that adults will not be able to opt-out, and that ISPs will not block any adults-only material.

Since the 2010 Federal election, the Labor Government could not implement its mandatory blocking plan without the support of the Australian Greens Party, and the Liberal/National Coalition. Both the Greens and the LMP issued 2010 Election Policies stating that they will not support nor introduce mandatory ISP level filtering legislation.


Debus, B. 2011, AU Gov’t Mandatory ISP Filtering / Censorship Plan, view 31 August 2012.

< >


This website shows information about the clean feed concept. It also gives a timeline and information regarding the internet censer concept.
What place does censorship have in a democracy?

Censorship in Australia (which is a democratic country) is rather common.

In 1956 the Film Censorship Board was established (Merrin in Graham 2001).

On the 7th of June 1984 the Labor Premier of Western Australia announced an absolute prohibition on any X-rated material in Western Australia (Graham 2001).
In 1993 the film Salo was un-banned in Australia. In February 1998 the film Salo, was re-banned (Graham 2001)
In march 2001 the book Pictures was seized from a bookshop by South Australian Police. Pictures must now be sold in a sealed wrapper, and is illegal in Queensland, even to adults (Graham 2008)
In February 2007 “The Peaceful Pill Handbook” by Dr Philip Nitschke and Dr Fiona Stewart was banned (Graham 2008).


Graham, I. 2001-2008, Australian Censorship History, viewed 31 August 2012



The three pages of this website gives the history of censorship in Australian from 1920 to 2008.
When will the NBN get to your place? What are the benefits?

NBN =National Broadband network

This is the link to their home page=

This is a link to a roll out map were you can put in your address or town and it will tell you when work will start=

Devereux Creek road QLD 4753 = Fibre 1 Work to commence within three years – “we will commence work in your postcode from Mar 2015”.

It is estimated that the average time from work beginning to NBN services being available is 12 months

Find out who your local, state and federal representatives are. Send one a message.

Local representative for Yeerongpilly, Southern Brisbane is Carl Judge


Phone 07   3848 4410
Street Address 3/116     Beaudesert Road, Moorooka Qld 4105 viewed 27 August 2012

But, I am From Mackay/Marian so

The State seat of Mackay is held by Tim Mulherin for the Australian Labor Party [ALP].

The state seat of Mirani [which the town of Marian is part of] is held by Ted Malone for the Liberal/National Party.

The Federal member for the seat of Dawson is George Christensen who holds the seat for the Liberal/National party [LNP].

Although, I sent Carl Judge a message saying:

Hi From ….

Hello Mr Judge

I am currently doing a university assignment and I need to know, when was thelast time you spoke in parliament?

Look up the Queensland or Australian Hansard to find the last time your local member spoke in parliament.

Hansard is the official record of the debates and proceedings of the Queensland Parliament’s Legislative Assembly.

<> viewed 31/8/12

Carl Judge last spoke in parliament on Thursday, 31 May 2012

This is a direct link to the translation script. viewed 31/8/12

This is the direct link to the footage taken as he said it.

< >viewed 31/8/12

Let your local member know what you think about their last speech.


Phone 07   3848 4410
Street Address 3/116     Beaudesert Road, Moorooka Qld 4105

I thought he said some nice things regarding the 2011 floods and the brief history Yeerongpilly was interesting.

Week five about Readings

This week I am going to talk about social networking sites (SNS). In the reading “Internet Giants can earn with ease” by Paul Sheen, he says this: “No company is safe. No brand is safe. Dominant one decade, irrelevant the next. Adapt or die and former customers will step over the corps”. What Sheen is referring to, by this comment, is how successful social networking sites get replaced at the drop of a hat when something better comes along. Sheen explains this process as “churn”, which is the lack of consumer loyalty to their service provider and moving on with out a second thought.

An example of churn can be found in the history of ! Sheen explains how ! is still to this day making money, but it is only 10 per cent of the value when it was at its height in 2000. Sheen also says that “for all intents and purposes, it has disappeared” (Sheen 2012). Moreover, since 2000 there has been many more comings and goings of social networking sites. Now, in 2012 newest craze “Facebook” is showing some signs of decline. Evidence supporting this claim is also mentioned in the reading by Sheen. He says that a returns poll found that 34% of Facebook users have reduced their time on Facebook over the last six months. The question stands, will Facebook last, or will it to become the victim of churn?


Sheen, P. 2012, “Internet Giants can earn with ease”, SMH,


This article gives information about churn and how many social networking sites need to keep up with their competitors, if they don’t want to go out of businesses.

Week Five tutorial Activity

This survey aims to find out if people are content with their social networking system, how many people read the terms and conditions before creating their account/s. And how many people are aware of some of the shocking terms and conditions relating to Facebook.

Instead of using I decided to use I did this because it seemed a lot easier to distribute and construct the surveys.

This is the direct like to my survey. Pleas take some time to fill it out and submit it.


I sent the URL of my survey to eight people, eight people did them.

Question one regarding the terms and conditions of social networking sites.

57.1% said they didn’t know about the claiming rites of facebook

42.9% said they didn’t know

Question two regarding if the terms and conditions are aceptible

71.4% said no

28.6 said yes

Question three regarding if people were happy with their SNS.

42.9% said yes

57.9 said no

Question four regarding who people would describe their SNS

0% said very good

57.1% said good

28.6% said bad

14.3% said very bad

Question five regarding how much of the terms and conditions people read before signing up for their SNS.

0% said they read every word

42.9 % said not one word

57.1% skimmed over it

0% read half then gave up

What we can learn from these results is that SNS are not perfect and some people don’t even know what they are signing up for when they sign up for an SNS.

Week Four About the question in the tutorial

This extract from “Burning Chrome and other stories” by: Gibson. W 1995, ‘Burning chrome and other stories’, Harper Collins, London, England, pp 200-201. Is what I will be writing about for week four.

I am going to write about a questions raised in the tute.

Q1: What is going on in Gibson’s short story “Burning Chrome”?

Q2: Identify a sentence that is difficult to understand on its first reading and translate it into English (your own words).

A1: Burning Chrome’s plot is rather easy when simplified. Essentially, there are two major characters who are computer hackers. The story is based around the two hackers trying (and succeeding) to hack into the data base of a very powerful money launder called ‘Chrome’. Also, there is another female character called Rikki who both the computer hackers are in love with. But, in the end she breaks one of their hearts by moving countries, and never coming back.

A2: The extract in the image above is one that I needed to read a couple of times to understand. When I went back to re-read the passage, I realized that “ICE” is actually an acronym for Instruction Countermeasures Electronics, which describes Chrome’s ante-hacking software. After reading the passage, I realised that what Gibson meant by “bodiless” was the hackers were figuratively, not physically, moving through the “Matrix” via a computer.

“Bodiless, we swerve into Chrome’s castle of ice” = (in my own words) via our computer system we were able to find the coding of Chrome’s ante-hacking program.


Andrews. S 2000, ‘All tomorrow’s cyberpunk cliches; William Gibson fails to deliver any depth of vision in his latest exploration of futuristic subterranean worlds’, New Brunswick Telegraph Journal, ProQuest Central, viewed 17 August. <>


This journal gives information on William Gibson.

Gibson. W 1995, Burning chrome and other stories, Harper Collins Publishing, London, England,


This book has many short stories in it. One of them is Burning Chrome by William Gibson.


Week 4 Tutorial Activity (Timeline on Cyberpunk)

This is the direct link to my timeline

This is why we can’t embed a timetoast timeline into wordpress.I have been trying soooo hard to embed my timetoast timeline into my wordpress account. Apparently, Timetoast uses flash and doesn’t support flash. You
can’t simply copy and paste the embed code in a blog (James & Karg n.d.)


James, K & Karg T n.d.,Creating a timeline, viewed 17 August 201


In this article, James and Karg talk about why people can not simply copy and past the URL of a Timelines into a WordPress post.

Metafuzion 2008, Cyberpunk 2020 Timeline, viewed 17/8/12


In this artical there is a timeline on cyberpunck’s history.

According to my research the years are correct. But, some of the month and the days dated on this timeline are made up. Timetoast would not let me enter the information without specifying a day and month date. All with the date 1/1/… are not correct. Except the ones concerning the year 2000


n.d.,Dolly the Sheep, viewed 31 August 2012



this page gives information about dolly the sheep