It is expected that you will complete 2 blog posts each week, at
least to week 6.

Post One:
Respond to one issue raised by the Required Reading, Lectures or
issues raised in Tutorials or the general Media. In your post go into more
detail on one specific idea prompted by the course.

You should write
roughly 200 words per post and include at least one properly annotated
reference.  I’m not overly concerned about the word count, I’m interested in
your ideas. We are not asking you to copy-and-paste or write a summary. Take an
idea that you find interesting and explore it in more detail.

Post Two:
Complete the weekly task (they are
listed below) and post the result to your blog.  Sometimes the task may not
involve much writing, but you should still document and reflect on your methods
for completing the task.

You may, of course, post more than 2 entries
per week.  You may wish to include other web resources with a brief note about
why they are interesting – for example:  web videos, or news stories, or books,
or good blog posts about social media, etc etc.

Your blog is the
perfect place to write about your research progress for  your assessment items.

The blog posts don’t have to be formal academic writing, though they can
be useful places to try out ideas and collect material for your final research
essay. Important – you must email your Blog URL
to your tutor!!