Ever since I can remember my family and I have always had a telephone. But, the first time we got a computer I was in grade five, it was for my sister to help her with grade seven assignments and I was only allowed to use it for games. The computer was a PC, very big, bulky, loud and contained Windows 93. Back then, we didn’t have internet or a printer, so to print out assignments we had to save our files onto a floppy disk and print them at school. Our family didn’t have internet until 2008, I was in grade ten. The internet we had was via a wireless, USB modem and my sister and I constantly fought over whose turn it was to use our dad’s TOSHIBA laptop, which he got in 2007.

By 2011, when I started grade eleven, I got a TOSHIBA laptop (which I am typing this post on) and we didn’t get broadband until a year after living in the country. The signal is always bad and we hardly ever get more than three bars of service. Because of this, our internet is ridiculously slow and keeps needing to be replaced every four to six months. I got a personal e-mail address at the end of 2010 and this is the first year I had a Facebook account for more than three months (I don’t like Facebook because I think it is to impersonal). I only have the account because I needed it for an assignment last semester.

My ideal way to communicate with the world is through e-mail, mobile, text, telephone and pen and paper. I still hand write letters to my grandparents and parents back home. And I still receive hand written letters back from them. I get a thrill every time I see their letters in my letter box. I think people get a thrill out of receiving a letter because they are so used to their electronic world, that to hold something as personal as a hand written letter makes them feel more loved than if they were to read the same message on a boring, lifeless computer screen. Think about it, when was the last time you received or sent a hand written letter, how did you feel?