This week we looked around the Griffith library website and catalogue.

Which of Stephen Stockwell’s books are in the Griffith library?

(1) Stockwell, S. 2000, “All-media guide to fair and cross-cultural reporting : for journalists, program makers and media students”Australian Key Centre for Cultural and Media Policy, Nathan Australia.

(2)Stockwell, S. 2005, “Political campaign strategy : doing democracy in the 21st century”,Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourn Australia.

(3)Stockwell, S. 2011, “The secret history of democracy”, Basingstoke ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan,


Viewed 13 August 2012

Cite three academic books that might provide useful material for an essay about Jean Luc Godard’s Alphaville. On which campuses do they reside?

1) Silverman, K. & Farocki, H.& Penley, C. 1998, Speaking About Godard,

2) Temple, M. & Williams, J. & Witt, M. 2004, For Ever Godard, Black Dog, London.

3) Godard, L. 1930, “Alphaville: A Film”,Classic film scripts,

What is a book that will assist you to find out about possible research methods to explore social media?

Barker, M. 2011, Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach, Mason, USA South Western.  (At Nathan or Gold Coast Campus)

How to find specific data bases.

Go to your Griffith portal

On left side of page click on “Library”

Click on hyperlink “Library Homepage”

On right side of page next to the “search” button click on “Browse Recourses by Type and Subject”

Pick a subject or type eg: Humanities, social sciences and Language.

Choose a class eg Social Enterprise

Positioned along the top of the page, clink on “Articles and Journals’.

There you will find the databases relevant to your subject.

Good luck