This extract from “Burning Chrome and other stories” by: Gibson. W 1995, ‘Burning chrome and other stories’, Harper Collins, London, England, pp 200-201. Is what I will be writing about for week four.

I am going to write about a questions raised in the tute.

Q1: What is going on in Gibson’s short story “Burning Chrome”?

Q2: Identify a sentence that is difficult to understand on its first reading and translate it into English (your own words).

A1: Burning Chrome’s plot is rather easy when simplified. Essentially, there are two major characters who are computer hackers. The story is based around the two hackers trying (and succeeding) to hack into the data base of a very powerful money launder called ‘Chrome’. Also, there is another female character called Rikki who both the computer hackers are in love with. But, in the end she breaks one of their hearts by moving countries, and never coming back.

A2: The extract in the image above is one that I needed to read a couple of times to understand. When I went back to re-read the passage, I realized that “ICE” is actually an acronym for Instruction Countermeasures Electronics, which describes Chrome’s ante-hacking software. After reading the passage, I realised that what Gibson meant by “bodiless” was the hackers were figuratively, not physically, moving through the “Matrix” via a computer.

“Bodiless, we swerve into Chrome’s castle of ice” = (in my own words) via our computer system we were able to find the coding of Chrome’s ante-hacking program.


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This journal gives information on William Gibson.

Gibson. W 1995, Burning chrome and other stories, Harper Collins Publishing, London, England,


This book has many short stories in it. One of them is Burning Chrome by William Gibson.