This survey aims to find out if people are content with their social networking system, how many people read the terms and conditions before creating their account/s. And how many people are aware of some of the shocking terms and conditions relating to Facebook.

Instead of using I decided to use I did this because it seemed a lot easier to distribute and construct the surveys.

This is the direct like to my survey. Pleas take some time to fill it out and submit it.


I sent the URL of my survey to eight people, eight people did them.

Question one regarding the terms and conditions of social networking sites.

57.1% said they didn’t know about the claiming rites of facebook

42.9% said they didn’t know

Question two regarding if the terms and conditions are aceptible

71.4% said no

28.6 said yes

Question three regarding if people were happy with their SNS.

42.9% said yes

57.9 said no

Question four regarding who people would describe their SNS

0% said very good

57.1% said good

28.6% said bad

14.3% said very bad

Question five regarding how much of the terms and conditions people read before signing up for their SNS.

0% said they read every word

42.9 % said not one word

57.1% skimmed over it

0% read half then gave up

What we can learn from these results is that SNS are not perfect and some people don’t even know what they are signing up for when they sign up for an SNS.